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Textbook Brokers PSC orders are now exclusively online! Our Underwood Ave location has closed. Order Now and get FREE SHIPPING Over $25!

Customer service is our focus at Textbook Brokers because it sets us apart!

We know which books you need for your classes so all you have to do is print your schedule and we pull your books for you.

Ordering Online

We understand going to an actual bookstore isn't for everyone so avoid the crowds by ordering online! Simply place your order online and we will ship it to you for FREE or select in store pickup and we will call you when your books are ready.

Deferred Payment Agreement

This is an agreement between Textbook Brokers and the customer. Textbook Brokers agrees not to run this credit/debit card until the deferment date listed or until a financial aid deposit is made, whichever is earlier. By utilizing the deferred payment option, you also give Textbook Brokers permission to run your credit/debit card without it being in our possession for the amount stated below or in multiple increments of $5.00 if the lump sum declines. However, if the loan or grant becomes unavailable to the customer, or if the card fails to run for any reason, including but not limited to: sudden loss of financial aid eligibility, receipt of Financial Aid moneys through alternate means other than bank account on file, or course dropping/withdrawal intentionally or unintentionally, he or she agrees to make full payment on the bill by arranging alternative payment within 14 calendar days of general disperse date or the card run date listed above whichever is earlier. If for any reason, the customer has put an alternative payment method on file for any reason, this payment method is is authorized by me, the customer, to be used to cover any outstanding balance at the point in time in which the debt remains unpaid after the agreed date of payment. In the event the undersigned fails to make payment within the time-frame and no additional arrangement are made to satisfy the debt, the customer authorizes additional charges to be accumulated to the debt to cover the costs of collections and penalties, including late fees. Failure to pay may result in collection proceedings and/or prosecution.

Shipping Policies

If you select FREE standard shipping, you can expect to receive your books within 5-7 business days after your order is placed.

Contact Us!

If your concerns weren't addressed in this section, feel free to call us at (850) 477-3612 or email us at!